Why using insu.red makes sense for your insurance related links

Why using insu.red makes sense for your insurance related links


Why use insu.red, a dedicated link shortening service for the insurance industry?

When sharing your most important links to your customers, there are many fantastic reasons why you should choose to use a URL shortener from insu.red, here are just a few…

1. Ugly long links are untrustworthy

It’s impossible to estimate or control the length of a URL unless you use a link shortening service. A befuddling combination of letters, numbers and generic links is not pleasing on the eye and leads to confusion with a whiff of SPAM and Phishing from your link. This will naturally make people suspicious and far less likely to click your link, directly impacting your ability to reach your potential customers.

This is why you need a fantastic URL shortener. Using one of the many URL shortening options from insu.red you can gather a multitude of useful marketing information, analytics and metrics that can not only help with customer acquisition but also create loyalty as they learn to trust in you more. 

Some memorable examples

Communicating meaning with the message further encourages your audience to click on the link.


2. A custom URL shortener lets you brand your links

One of your most important metrics is brand awareness. This is the amount of exposure and attention your brand gets across many different platforms like social media.

Insu.red allows you to customize your short link, giving it even more meaning. This will help you to promote your brand and consequently increase your brand awareness.


3. Link shorteners allow you to track performance

Plenty of URL shorteners include tools that allow you to track a link’s performance, this is crucial for any marketing campaign. However, none of them are dedicated to the insurance industry.

If you want to ensure the success of any future marketing campaign in any market you need to know how well your links are performing. If you combine insu.red with other analytics tools like Google Analytics, you’re going to be primed for marketing evolution and the subsequent success that will bring.


4. They save space and are far more elegant

Less is more. It’s frustrating while creating social media posts to find out that your post has exceeded the character limit by a letter or two. A fantastic URL shortener can save you the space you need to add more words or hashtags to further help you to spread your word and brand.


5. You can use many insurance-related URL link shorteners and all from a single account

Some examples.

Insure your social media impact by using the many URL shorteners available from insu.red to promote your brand, company and your customer experience.

Lucky linking,

Mark and the insu.red team



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